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 Chinachip was established in 2007, is a consumer digital electronic systems integrated circuit design company, to high-tech products as the leading factor, carries out scientific and technological elite, absorbing the latest information in today's world, to keep up with the trend of the world of science and technology products, professional committed to the mobile communication terminal design of high-tech enterprises, we have a number of software copyright, patent technology and fully reinforced team.

 At the beginning of the establishment, the company mainly focuses on chip independent research and development, manufacturing and sales, which is also the original intention of chinachip to "learn from excellent predecessors.....

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  • Tel: 0755-23096879
  • Fax: 0755-23216397
  • Url: https:/
  • 408-411, Block 2, Block B, Baoyuan Road, Baoyuan Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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